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Pupil absences and illnesses

Medication and illness

If your child requires any medication on a regular or temporary basis, school should be informed in writing and given clear written instructions on how and when to give it.  A form is available here for this purpose. Any pupil who, in the view of the Headteacher/Class teacher is not well enough to attend school will be sent home. Pupils should only return to school when they are well enough and when there is no risk of infection to other pupils or staff.

Please note that for sickness/diarrhoea, pupils should stay off school for a full 2 days after their symptoms have stopped.

Pupil Absences

ALL pupil absence must be reported by a parent/carer by 9.30am to the school office on the first day and confirm the reason. We do not accept messages from your child’s passenger assistant/taxi driver.  For prolonged absence please update the school on a regular basis and speak to the class teacher / Headteacher if you need support or assistance from school.

If your child is absent and we have not received a phone call from home they will be recorded as unauthorised until such time as we have spoken to parents. Absence is monitored and reported to the Local Authority regularly – for persistent/regular absence school may refer to the Pupil Absence Team for further advice.

Pupil absence requests

To request leave for pupils during term time please ask the school office for a form to complete. These are not required for medical appointments. Requests for absence should be made well in advance and will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances – decisions will be confirmed in a letter.

Please note that unauthorised absences may result in a penalty notice being issued.

Incontinence pads/nappies

Parent/carers of pupils or students requiring nappies or incontinence pads or who are likely to require a change of clothing, should please ensure that these are provided as and when needed (class teachers can help you with arrangements for this).

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