College 14

Jude Cruickshank                          Ciara Davies

Welcome to Class 14

Class 14’s team consists of Jude, Ciara, Anna and Claire. 

We are looking forward to a fun filled year with all of our students. The students will continue to work on a range of ASDAN, AQA’s and Functional Skills awards.

We have already booked in weekly shopping trips on a Monday morning which will continue throughout the year, and swimming on a Tuesday morning up until Christmas.

This year we are moving around more in college choosing our own options for some lessons, these options include a choice of; Jewellery Making, Card Making, Christmas Crafts on a Tuesday afternoon, Journalism, History and World around Us on a Wednesday. As well as Forest Schools and Art on a Thursday morning.

We thank you for the continued support you are giving us and if you have any problems or worries throughout the year please write in the chatbooks or contact Jude on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Ciara on a Wednesday afternoon, Thursday, Friday.

Class 14 team.


See our Class 14 Curriculum map Spring 2019