Welcome to our Governing Body section of the website.  This is where you can find out more about school governance, the role of school Governors, and the work that we do.


The purpose of the school Governing Body is to ensure high standards of educational achievement.  Its core functions are:-

Maintaining clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction: setting a long term vision, agreeing strategic priorities, aims and objectives for the school.

Holding the Headteacher to account: questioning, supporting and strengthening the school leadership (but with no direct involvement in operational matters).

Overseeing financial performance: making sure the school’s money is spent well and ensuring that resources are allocated in line with strategic priorities.

The Governing body works as a team and acts with integrity, objectivity and honesty in the best interests of the children in our school.  The Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team run the school on a day to day basis, but the Governors provide support, assistance and challenge, acting as a “critical friend” to ensure that the school continues to maintain and improve high standards in everything it does.

The full Governing Body meets at least three times per year.  We also have the following Committees:-

Standards and Effectiveness Committee (SEC)

This Committee is responsible for ensuring that our curriculum fully meets the needs of the children in school and that all children, regardless of ability or background are given a chance to reach their full potential.  The SEC Committee is responsible for ensuring that the school follows the National and School Curriculum, that academic and behaviour standards are met and improved, that target setting, mentoring, monitoring and evaluation takes place, that policies delegated to the Committee by the Governing Body are developed and reviewed.  The SEC Committee meets three times per year.

Finance and Resource Committee

This Committee reviews and agrees the schools proposal for the budget, review the school fund account and reviews and keeps track of expenditure.  The Committee oversees the use of premises, grounds and facilities and monitors efficient use of utilities.  Health and Safety also falls within this remit.  The Committee also reviews those policies delegated to the Committee by the Governing Body to ensure that they are developed and reviewed at regular intervals.    The Finance and Resource Committee meets three times per year.

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Governor Committees

Register of Business Interests 2018 of Governors

Governors attendance for the last full academic year 2017 2018

Governors attendance for the full academic year 2016 2017 

Governors-attendance for the full academic year-2015-2016 

Our Governors and history can be found on the Edubase website by following the following link:  

EduBase is a register of educational establishments in England and Wales, maintained by the Department for Education. It provides information on establishments providing compulsory, higher and further education.

The information you will find on the Edubase site is provided by a range of suppliers, from ourselves to Local Education Authorities and teams within the DfE.

Could you be a Governor? 

Contact the Chair of Governors by email – 

Rachel Younger Chair of Governors
Sharon Taylor Vice Chair/Parent Governor
Paul Leaper, Head Teacher
Lyn Preston Community Governor
Vacancy Parent Governor
Peter Bradbury Community Governor
Anthony Guthrie Parent Governor
Alison Pettitt Staff Governor
Dr Nicholas Grigsby Local Authority Governor
Vacancy Community Governor
Vacancy Community Governor
Contact the School if you would like to know more about being a Governor