Help your child stay safe whilst using the internet

Have you heard about MOMO?

MOMO danger advice for parents. – keep your child safe online – Even though this was proved to be a hoax – the safety message are still a valuable lesson

Please see the following link for information about difficulties young people with Autism may encounter when using the internet:

Restricting usage:

How to put restrictions in place on the I Pad and IPods:


In partnership with BT advice on a wide range of online issues e.g. cyberbullying etc:


Advice to support parents help keep their child safe online by encouraging them to be open and rules for them to follow:


For parents of older/ tech savvy children:

Internet safety advice divided into categories e.g. bullying via online gaming, Instagram, online ‘challenges’ your child may encounter:,-apps-and-tech/all



O2 and the NSPCC have reviewed many apps children may use, see this guide to apps with the ability to search for a specific app: