Class 2

Emma Pettitt                        Alison Petitt 

Class 2

In Class 2 we will be supporting some of our pupils transitioning from EYFS to Key Stage 1. We will continue to work on developing relationships and communication through Intensive Interaction and fun play with staff.

We will learn within a structured routine, working on sitting at the table for group activities during lesson time and for snack. We will also be working in conjunction with class 1 to ensure that each individual receives the most appropriate education. Children will be supported in accessing their sensory diet throughout the day to help support their learning.  We are lucky to have an outside area which children can also access.

Throughout the year class 2 will also take part in a range of activities such as Forest Schools, swimming and going out shopping in the community. 

Our Creative Curriculum Topic for Autumn Term 1 will be Weather. We will update you on what activities the children have been participating in.

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