Class 8

Tracey Abbott

Welcome to class 8.

My name is Tracey and I am the class teacher in class 8.  The class is supported by four teaching assistants – Georgia (TA 3 Monday – Wednesday), Lauren (TA 3 Thursday and Friday), Wendy (TA 2) and Marcin (TA 1).

We are a mixed key stage 3 and 4 class with seven pupils in the group – Alfie, Charlotte, Harrison, Peter, Gemma, Joel and Lucas.

During the Spring Term 2019, Class 8 enjoyed visits to Spring Wood, Haslam Park and Clitheroe Castle.  After visiting each of these places, the pupils took turns to choose where they would like to go.

In English lessons we read the texts “Black Beauty” and “On a Pirate Ship”.  We also read a simplified version of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” for World Book Day and dressed up as characters from the story.

The pupils have visited Sainsburys and Aldi to buy snacks and ingredients for Food Technology lessons.

In PE lessons the pupils enjoyed gymnastics activities – exploring different ways of travelling along a bench and different balances.  They also enjoyed games activities – practising hitting a balloon or a ball with a tennis racquet and playing a simplified version of rounders.

The pupils have thoroughly enjoyed weekly swimming sessions at Garstang YMCA swimming centre.

Our Creative Curriculum topics this term have been the 1950s to the present day and Kenya.  We looked at art work produced in the 1950s by the artists Jackson Pollock and Henri Matisse.  For our work about Kenya, we looked at African animals.

During Forest Schools sessions, the pupils made photo frames using natural materials – they helped to saw wood, painted the wood, collected twigs and used secateurs to cut the twigs to the correct length.

Pupils in Key Stage 4 continue to work towards their Transition Challenge award.  They have enjoyed baking activities – making chocolate chunk muffins and raspberry buns.

Over the year we will be working on ASDAN and AQA accredited awards with a focus on developing independence.  We also hope to access lots of activities in the local community.

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