Class 8

Tracey Abbott

Welcome to class 8.

My name is Tracey and I am the class teacher in class 8.  The class is supported by four teaching assistants – Georgia (TA 3 Monday – Wednesday), Lauren (TA 3 Thursday and Friday), Wendy (TA 2) and Marcin (TA 1).

We are a mixed key stage 3 and 4 class with seven pupils in the group – Alfie, Charlotte, Harrison, Peter, Gemma, Joel and Lucas.

We have enjoyed our first half term in class 8.

In Maths we have completed work on number and measures and developed our skills through work box activities.  The focus of our English lessons has been a story about farm animals.  The pupils have matched words and pictures from the book and joined in with key words from the text which we have read as a class.

We have thoroughly enjoyed weekly visits to Haslam Park – walking round the park, exploring leaves and looking at the lovely autumn colours.

In Art lessons the pupils have cut out photographs of themselves, painted colour washes over the pictures and then created a collage.

We have had fun in Science lessons exploring magnets and sorting objects according to whether they are magnetic or non-magnetic.

In DT we have made our own kites and enjoyed flying kites in the school grounds.

Our topic for MFL has been “Our World”.  We have matched words to pictures and listened to the words spoken in Spanish.

The pupils have been developing their independence skills in cooking activities.  Those in key stage 3 have been making sandwiches – developing skills in spreading butter, choosing a filling and preparing the chosen filling.  Key stage 4 pupils have been making flapjacks to practice using measuring cups and measuring spoons.

In PE lessons, the pupils have practiced different ways of moving (running, jumping, walking, skipping and walking backwards).  They have also practiced throwing and catching skills and throwing towards a target.

Pupils in key stage 4 have recently started shopping at Sainsburys each week to buy things needed to make their own snacks.  They then use the things they have bought to prepare their snack each day.

Our topic in RE has been signs and symbols – we have looked at the logo for our school and the signs for different shops.

Our creative curriculum theme for this half term has been The Tudors – we have looked at pictures from Tudor times (clothing, houses, musical instruments) and the life of the Tudor monarch king Henry viii.

We are looking forward to our rainforest themed activity week at the end of the half term.

Over the year we will be working on ASDAN and AQA accredited awards with a focus on developing independence.  We also hope to access lots of activities in the local community.

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