Class 5

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Welcome to Class 5’s page

KS2: Year 4/5

Christy, Emma & Wendy

Autumn Term

  • Monday: Forest School (don’t forget your welly’s and waterproofs!)
  • Wednesday: PE (don’t forget your kit!)
  • Thursday: SPACE trips (not every Thursday- dates on trip letter.)
  • Friday: cooking and food play (a list will go out the week before; please send in all ingredients by Wednesday, thank you!)


Total Communication:

In Class 5 we use Makaton signs to aide and promote communication, alongside talk, PECS, symbols/ photographs, written words, Intensive Interaction & musical interactions. Our Makaton signs are always accompanied by speech. In our class, we sign throughout the day and use many different signs, including songs (search SINGING HANDS).

This term we are focussing on core signs as a whole class. Our Autumn Term signs are: hello, good morning, help me, toilet, drink, more, look, listen, sit down, and stand up. We model the signs and ask the class to copy. Then the class practice and learn to use them in context. It would be fantastic if you could help your child learn these at home too.

Family photographs to motivate communication:

Please send in to school (or email me) any photographs or anecdotes you have of your children with their family/ siblings for us to share in class. This is a great motivator for the children to communicate and discuss feelings/ emotions.


Our topic for Autumn is plays and we will be looking at some wonderful plays written by Julia Donaldson. Meaningful, exciting sensory experiences will be created, to enable our pupils to engage with story, characters and themes (in Drama lessons and throughout the curriculum). The class will experience sensory stories for both of the fiction and non-fiction topics; each sensory story being tailored to the class’ needs.  Cross-curricular links will be made, where relevant, to make learning purposeful. Phonics is taught daily and communication lessons are also built into the timetable; speaking and listening skills are taught and promoted throughout the curriculum.

Ancient Egypt:

Our Creative Curriculum theme after half term will be Ancient Egypt. We will be developing skills in Communication, Problem Solving, Art, Music and Dance through this one topic.

Play at our school:

This term the class will still be using movement to explore their world/ the extensive school outdoor space. We will explore and enjoy a range of outdoor activities, in all weathers. We will be exploring the school grounds. We will follow tactile trails and obstacle courses. We will continue to learn action songs and playground games. ​

Positive Peer Play:

We will continue our visits to the SPACE Centre in Preston, throughout the Autumn Term, focusing on developing positive peer play. SPACE has the largest multi-sensory environment in the UK and their mission statement is: “To provide a place where those with physical, learning or emotional difficulties may more easily acquire skills and enjoy experiences usually denied them.” See the link at the bottom of the page for more info and a video about SPACE One.

We will also be developing positive play at school too and PSHCE is embedded into every day at school and is also taught discretely. Some of these sessions will be focussing on play, sensory integration, interaction, self-care and developing Gross and Fine Motor skills.

Your Home-School Chat Book:

Please read your child’s chat book daily, as it is updated at the end of each day and contains important information about your child’s progress. Please remember to let us know if there is anything that may impact upon your child’s day at school, either through the chat book or by giving us a call.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Keep checking back on this page, as we will be regularly updating it with curriculum news, information and photographs.

Thank you,

Christy and team



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