Class 4

Louise Pryce                                 

Class 4

Welcome to class 4.

We are a group of 7 fun boys who enjoy spending time with our friends in class. We have great fun in class while learning as we all feel this is important. We have great imaginations so Lego, action figures, den building and competitive games are all part of our learning experiences.

Over the next few terms we are going to be going out and about. We have already been out to Sainsbury, doing shopping for our parents, working out cost and change and learning how to check out our goods. We are great at working with Money. In English we read the Iron Giant where we were able to create our own giant based on a description only. Next term we will be extending our mathematical skills. we will be learning about measure and taking things a step further when trying to measure a cycle track and play park using a range of measuring equipment and objects.

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