College 12

Jamie McHugh                                         

Welcome to the College – Group 12

Class 12 have continued to work on Functional Maths and English skills; the students have sat their exams and we are really proud of how everyone has done. Well done class 12!

We have completed a range of AQA’s and ASDAN units and would like to thank everyone for supporting our business enterprise project. The students have decided to spend the money on a variety of choice items for college such as CD players for each class with a selection of CD’s. The students have also decided to buy some games to work on their interaction and social skills which they are looking forward to using in September. So again, thank you very much for your support with our enterprises!

Most of class 12 took part in sports day and they all tried really hard; it was a fun filled morning that was enjoyed by all involved. Well done for showing us your sporting skills class 12!

Danielle, our level 3 staff member who started in class 12 in September, has had a baby girl called Cora, she brought her in so we could all see how well they are doing and say hello. Class 12 were so gentle and kind to Cora it was a delight to see.

All the class 12 staff would like to say a big thank you to all the students we have had the pleasure of working with this year! We hope you have a fantastic summer and hand Class 12 over to Teacher, Jamie McHugh in September.

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