Apple Specialists JTRS Case Study

7 April 2016
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7 April 2016, Comments: Comments Off on Apple Specialists JTRS Case Study

“Hillside wanted to have a training plan that supported the needs of our staff and to be able to support the needs of our youngsters. JTRS designed a training plan working with our senior team leadership, to support not only the implementation and assessment of staff ability in using iPad, but also supported and trained our staff by setting them projects for them to complete to show how iPad can be used across the curriculum.”

Since the introduction of iPad, Hillside have noticed a positive shift in pupil’s independent working skills. There has been an increase in pupil’s interaction during lessons, which can be seen through their motivation and confidence to discuss topics in class. Pupil engagement through various apps and iPad settings has increased, leading to increased development in multiple areas of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 areas. Teachers, support staff, and parents have all shown increased confidence using the iPad following participation in their bespoke training programme.

To see the Case Study video please click here

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